Oral Health & Disability



Improving oral health outcomes of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

People with disabilities can experience many challenges that could affect oral health status, including the need for assistance with core activities, additional barriers to accessing quality health care, and a higher likelihood of having lower incomes and education levels when compared to the general population (Kavanagh and Kelly 2012). As such, research has shown that people with disabilities are at higher risk of experiencing poor oral health outcomes when compared to the general population.
The aim of this project is to provide a descriptive summary of the oral health status and oral health problems in people with an intellectual disability (ID), as well as current strategies and interventions used to improve the oral health of people with ID.Funding is gratefully acknowledged from:

    • Western Sydney University

Project team:

    Dr Nathan Wilson – Western Sydney University, Ingham Institute
    • Zhen Lin – Western Sydney University
    • Amy Villarosa – Western Sydney University, SWSLHD, Ingham Institute
    • Assoc Prof. Ajesh George – Western Sydney University, SWSLHD, University of Sydney, Ingham Institute