Ariana Villarosa

Ariana completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Health Science with Honours and Master of Podiatric Medicine at Western Sydney University in 2016.
She has been involved in a diverse range of research areas. Her honours project focused on developing guidelines in a novel approach to improve the design of foot orthotics (insoles) for people with inflammatory arthritis by using ultrasound as the main metric.

She has been working as a research assistant for four years primarily within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University. Some of the projects she has been involved in have included evaluating student learning experiences at university, as well as developing interventions pertaining to eating disorders in young people.
As a result, Ariana has a strong interest in translational research, and developing interventions focused on improving the quality and experiences for the broader population.
Ariana is also pursuing a PhD with COHORT.